The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, London SE16 4DGthebiscuit@archclimbingwall.comMonday to Friday 06:30 - 22:30 Weekends 10:00 - 21:00

#TAMRU Friday 25th April

If you aren’t familiar with our #TAMRU events – here’s the deal… you climb problems and we give money to Charity! Once a month, usually on the last Friday of the Month we invite you to join us at The Arch to help raise money for charities, every climb you tick on the Comp Wall…



Our next #TAMRU Event will take place on Friday 25th April Replacing our “Last Friday of the Month Comp” is a unique event we’re really excited about – Think of it as a comp style event with a twist where every single climb ticked off on a scorecard and handed back to reception is worth 50…


The Arch App

The all new Arch Climbing Wall App now offers you the chance to highlight and tick every last boulder problem at the Biscuit! All eleven of our current Circuit Sets are featured: Spots: V0 Black: V0-V1 Tiger: V1-V2 Blue: V2-V3 Salmon: V2-V3 Yellow: V2-V4 Red: V3-V5 Hendrix: V5-V6 White: V5-V7 Purple: V0-V8 Green: V6-V9 Also featured are…


50 Degree Board

Our 50 Degree Board has been fully stripped and reset thanks to Jethro Whaley and Henry Kinman. The board, which sits on a 50 degree overhang is one of the biggest boards in the UK! The board currently offers over 450 climbing holds of various shape and size which in turn offers thousands of possibilities…