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Special Ed Drummond #TAMRU

Special Ed Drummond #TAMRU Monday 28th July: 6-10.30pm If you aren’t familiar with our #TAMRU events: You climb problems. We give money to Charity. It’s that simple! This month is slightly different, due to the BMC Youth competition on the 27th July, and also because we recently heard about a cause that we knew we wanted…


BMC Summer Open Youth Event

The summer competition of the year is the BMC Open Youth Event and the Bouldering event will be held on Sunday 27th July at the Arch Climbing Wall. ONLINE ENTRY NOW OPEN These competitions are designed to be a fun but competitive event. The results from these events will be used as part of the…


Salmon Circuit – Thursday 24th July

Introducing a brand new Salmon Circuit set today by Scott Bishop and Fred Stone. This new Circuit features 30 challenging climbs with a grade of V2-V3. Setting continues tomorrow morning for the upcoming BMC Summer Youth Event which will take place here at The Arch on Sunday (27th July) Setting from Andy Long and Jamie Cassidy. Please be aware that the Comp Wall…


Parking Restrictions – Biscuit Factory

Due to circumstances outside of our control, as of the 1st August 2014, the car park at The Biscuit Factory will be closed to visitors. There is free 24 hour parking a 5 minute walk away on Blue Anchor Lane and Bombay Street. Otherwise, the area surrounding the Biscuit Factory, including Clements Rd and Drummond…