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We’ve got a New Home!

Following a period of rumours about redevelopment happening across The Biscuit Factory complex, we’re delighted to announce some great news! Thanks to Workspace, we have a fantastic long term building nearby: natural light, tonnes of history, and simply a great layout for a climbing centre. The site, also formerly part of the Peek Freans’ Biscuit…


Ola Taistra – On Making A Climbing Video

Aleksandra “Ola” Taistra is one of the only female climbers in the world to climb 8c+, as well as being the fourth woman to have redpointed 8c. Not only do her performances on rock stand out, but she manages to combine full time work alongside her climbing, has a wealth of knowledge about sports science…


Leah Crane – New Beginning

Have you ever felt that you were on the cusp of a big change? When a big part of your life changes dramatically or ends and something new and exciting begins? It’s the first day in December, and the beginning of something new and exciting has put a spring in my step. It has come…


Scarpa Circuit – Wednesday 3rd December

Introducing a brand new Circuit at The Arch Climbing Wall today (Wednesday 3rd December). Dan Varian of has teamed up with Scarpa to create a new selection of wood climbing holds. Scarpa sponsored climber Yann Genoux is setting 10 individual problems with an estimated grade of V0 to V8+. This Circuit will remain up…